Since its establishment ,  Sofamia achieved to improve herself with three main principles; quality, innovation and perpetual study and development activities. The company operates in 5000 square meter closed area in Inegol Industrial Park. In order to compelete the quality principle which lies on the foundations of the company, we produce our goods from durable raw materials with a professional stuff. Our meticulous attitude in production process, the devotion of our stuff and professional care for details reflect on the products and differs our quality clearly. We follow today’s technology closely and carry on to apply all innovations of furniture sector. Our Study and Development Team, who aims to be the creator of the sector’s fashion, works hard to realize the dreams of our customers.


We adopt the development concept, which clinches our excitement since our establishment, as the basic mission of the company. We want to carry on with firm steps and provide more employment opportunity without sacrificing our professional business perception. In our minds we are aware of that customer satisfaction is the key for our achivements and we want to carry on our activities with this fact. And also, we will continue to share the happiness of the houses which we are in with our products.